[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] Wrist Playing Tennis Yesterday

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Chapter 9 – Read the Running Case.
Each team member will complete tasks 1, 2 and 3 and submit individually here.

Chapter 9 – Read the Running Case:

Several people working on the Global Treps Project are confused about their responsibilities for

providing content for the new website. Recall that the team members include you, the project

manager, Bobby, the IT guy, and three people who will run shark-tank-like events in Vietnam,

India, and Ethiopia (Kim, Ashok, and Alfreda). Recall that the activities in the WBS for the

in-house development include the following: Guidelines and templates for events Acceptance of ideas for needed new products or services Custom site for 20 events

You and your team also need to provide information for the videos that you are outsourcing.

Recall that the purpose of these short videos is to show people how to use the site and provide

suggestions for holding the events. That activity is Video creation for website in the

WBS. You have selected the company that will do the outsourced video creation, and their main

contact person is Angela.

Task-1. Prepare a RACI chart for the four WBS activities listed. You decide that one person should

be accountable for each of these four activities, spreading the work between you, Kim,

Ashok, and Alfreda. Bobby will be informed on each activity, and you will be consulted on

the ones you are not accountable for. Document key assumptions you make in preparing

the chart.

Task-2. You realize that all of your team members have different personality types, and you believe

you could work better as a team if you understood each other better. You asked everyone

to take an MBTI-based assessment (a free one you found at www.humanmetrics.com).

You are an ENTJ, Bobby is an INTJ, Kim is an ISFP, Ashok is an ESTJ, and Alfreda is an

ISFJ. Find information about each of these MBTI types and summarize their traits as well as

suggestions for improving teamwork.

Task-3. Angela, the person in charge of the company preparing the short videos for you website,

has suggested that you work together to prepare a detailed list of resources available to

help prepare scripts and edit the videos they will create. You decide to use animations

instead of real people in the videos, and Angela’s company has a lot of experience in that

area. Together, you decide that you will need someone to take on the roles of script writers, 

script editors, animators, sound experts, content editors, and technical editors. Angela and

her team will do all of the animating, sound, and technical work and will provide guidance

for you and your team to do the other work. To keep costs down and stay on schedule, you

decide to plan for all of the video work to be done in 20 days, using no more than 240 total

hours of effort, with about half of the effort from Angela’s company. Prepare a resource

histogram to estimate the number of hours by role for each of the 20 days. Document key

assumptions you make in preparing the histogram.

Chapter 10 – Read the Running Case.
Each team member will complete tasks 1 and 2 only for this case project and submit individually here. 

Chapter 10 – Read the Running Case:

Several issues have arisen on the Global Treps Project. Ashok, your team member in India,

broke his wrist playing tennis yesterday and cannot work on the project at all for three weeks.

His work, which involves helping to edit the videos, starts in one week, so you need to

reassign it to others.

Bobby suggests you use kanban boards to list all of the tasks for editing the videos and to

track where they are in the work flow. Bobby, a techie and not known for being a good communicator,

is the only person who’s ever used kanban boards. You have not yet broken down the tasks

into much detail and need more information from Angela, the contractor in charge of creating the


Alfreda is having difficulties communicating with her main contact in Ethiopia, Dr. B.

He is very busy all the time and does not use texting, Alfreda’s preferred communications

medium. He has also not communicated key information with students who could be

candidates for their event, which is only a month away. Alfreda is not sure if he booked a

room for the event yet.

Task-1. Describe how you would communicate to Ashok and the rest of the team about Ashok’s

injury. What actions would you take? What communications medium would you use with

different stakeholders?

Task-2. Prepare a partial communications management plan to address some of the challenges

mentioned in Part 7 of the case.

***I attached text book for reference. Question is from Chapter-9 & Chapter-10*****