[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] Naming Convention “ Wk5Assgn

[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] Naming Convention “ Wk5Assgn


At Walden University, it is important that you not only think about the new information you have learned in your courses, but also how you can apply what you have learned. One good method for doing this is to reflect on the concepts and ideas that were most important to you, and specifically, how these ideas will influence what you will do in the future.

Now it is time to evaluate and summarize what you have learned in American Government and consider how your new knowledge might assist you in becoming a more informed and effective citizen. In this Reflection, you will evaluate insights into concepts, principles, and processes of the American form of government. You will also identify how this knowledge might be applied to your participation as a citizen in the political process.

To prepare for this Reflection:

  • Review the Interactive Units from this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Review the website on the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Reflect on the insights you have gained from this course based on the course readings and assignments.
    • What concepts, principles, and processes interested you the most? The least?
    • What information surprised you about American government and why?
    • What did you learn about your own ideology?
  • Consider how you might apply what you’ve learned.

The assignment:

Create a 7-slide PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your insights into concepts, principles, and processes of American government.  Rely on at least one source to support your final reflection.  

  • Slides 1-2: List the three concepts, principles, or ideas discovered in this course that were most significant to your own understanding of American government and politics.
  • Slides 3-5: Based on the information in the previous slides, provide a brief explanation of why each concept, principle, or idea has an impact on you.
  • Slide 3 – 4: Identify three ways to apply what you have learned about American government to your role as a citizen.
  • Slide 6: Include a substantive conclusion to your reflection.
  • Slide 7: Include any sources in proper APA format.

Explain how this will allow you to become part of the political process and support your own political beliefs in the future.

By Day 7

Submit your Reflection.

Submission and Grading Information

To submit your completed Reflection for review and grading, do the following:

  • Please save your Reflection using the naming convention “WK5Assgn+last name+first initial.(