[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] Clearly Present Logically Arranged

[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] Clearly Present Logically Arranged

In this unit, you have been exposed to multiple aspects related to successful instructional methods. Now, it is time to put your knowledge into action. 

You were recently hired as the new director of faculty development in your local school district, and you have been given the task to help improve teacher performance. You decide to give a presentation at the next faculty development session, and you are going to explain instructional methods for constructivism versus teacher-centered learning environments. 

In order to present your suggestions to the faculty, you decide to prepare a Venn diagram in which you will compare and contrast constructivism (student-centered) with teacher-centered learning environments. Use one of your own examples of common graphic organizers design to include in the presentation. 

Your project must include the components listed below. 

1) Explain the similarities and differences in instructional methods based on constructivism (student-centered) versus teacher-centered learning environments. 

2) Integrate practical examples that teachers can utilize in their classrooms on a daily basis. 

3) What would be your recommendations for Ms. Herstory based on the research that you have conducted as the director of faculty development?

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides in length, not counting the title slide and the references slide. You are required to include the Venn diagram on one of your slides. 

1) Please consider the tips below as you design your presentation. 

2) The introductory slide should engage your audience, clearly present the purpose of your project, and provide a summary of the main points that you will cover. 

3) The organization of the slides should clearly present logically arranged points. 

4) You should add notes at the bottom of each slide to justify the points that you have chosen based on your research. 

5) Your writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. 

6) The number of sources should meet or exceed the expressed assignment requirements and the sources should be peer-reviewed or academic in nature. 

APA formatting guidelines should be used for reference entries and in-text citations.