[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] 70 Ht 5 ’

[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] 70 Ht 5 ’

Training Title 24
Name: Ms. Jess Davies
Gender: female
Age: 30 years old
T- 98.6 P- 86 R 20 120/70 Ht 5’2 Wt 126lbs
Background: Jess is brought for evaluation by her 2 roommates who are concerned with
behaviors. She had some issues with depression after aunt died but worsened in the 12 days after
she witnessed her brother killed via GSW in a gas station burglary. She is estranged from her
parents and her brother was her only sibling. She is only sleeping 2 hours/24hrs; she will only eat
canned foods. She smokes cannabis daily since she was 17 and goes out on weekdays couple

times with her roommates and has couple drinks of beer. She was prescribed alprazolam 1mg
twice daily as needed by her PCP for 15 days. She works in a bakery. Allergies: medical tape
Symptom Media. (Producer). (2016). Training title 24 [Video].

Video content


00:00:15OFF CAMERA Your roommates, Rachel and Liz, shared some information with me. They said that you were fine, and that shortly after your aunt died, that you started acting in a different sort of strange way. Started having thoughts and hearing things that others couldn’t hear. 

00:00:35JESS They think I’m living in a movie. Rachel and Liz. That’s who they think I am. I see a lot of movies. So maybe they’re right. Maybe I am a movie 

00:00:45OFF CAMERA I’m not sure I understand how you can be a movie. 

00:00:45JESS Because they listen to our apartment. 


00:00:50JESS They listen from next door. 

00:00:50OFF CAMERA Who listens? 

00:00:55JESS Russian men and whores. They drill all night long. That’s how they send their information back. Drilling. 

00:01:05OFF CAMERA Drilling. They send messages by drilling? 

00:01:10JESS Doesn’t surprise me. Most people don’t understand. 

00:01:15OFF CAMERA Your roommates said that your favorite aunt that died, she’s the one who raised you. 

00:01:20JESS Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t. Who told you? Can you prove it? I can’t. 

00:01:30OFF CAMERA Liz and Rachel told me. 

00:01:30JESS Good for them. 

00:01:35OFF CAMERA And your roommates said you had some new neighbors that moved in. Are these the neighbors you’re talking about? 

00:01:45JESS They’re not neighbors. They’re Russians. They don’t answer their door. I tried to banging on their door and they didn’t answer. Figures. I mean they only speak English. They don’t speak English, they speak Russian in code. 

00:02:00OFF CAMERA You know, your roommate, Rachel, told me your new neighbors speak Spanish. They speak Spanish. 

00:02:10JESS They lie. But what do you expect? 

00:02:15OFF CAMERA What do they do? Your neighbors? 

00:02:20JESS I don’t want to talk about this any more. 

00:02:25OFF CAMERA You know, Jess, I imagine what you are experiencing right now feels very frightening. I hear from a lot of the people who, hear voices that maybe aren’t there, that it’s very frightening. And it’s upsetting. Are you experiencing anything like that? 

00:02:40JESS Yes. I hear them talking when no one else can. I mean not Rachel, not Liz. That’s why I went down to my car yesterday. Because if I’m very, very still, the Russians can’t code me. 

00:02:55OFF CAMERA What do you mean code you? 

00:03:00JESS You know. You act like you don’t know, but you know. 

00:03:05OFF CAMERA How long did you stay in your car? 

00:03:10JESS Six hours. I watched them move in and out. 

00:03:15OFF CAMERA So do you sometimes see things that your roommates don’t see? 

00:03:20JESS No. But I know things that they don’t know. 

00:03:30OFF CAMERA Jess, I realize it is difficult sometimes for people to tell me things but it really helps me with their background. Has anything happened recently? Anything traumatic? 

00:03:40JESS I think that secret government papers are traumatic. Like blueprints. I mean, they have blueprints of buildings. My apartment is a building. 

00:03:55OFF CAMERA What are the blueprints? 

00:03:55JESS They’re all over the walls. That’s what they want. 

00:04:00OFF CAMERA The neighbors? 

00:04:00JESS The Russians. They’re terrorists. You’ll find out too late. 

00:04:10OFF CAMERA Has anyone else seen these blueprints Jess? 

00:04:10JESS I can stop them from seeing them. I covered the walls, I marked up the walls. I just need more markers. 

00:04:20OFF CAMERA Jess, do you drink alcohol or take drugs? 

00:04:25JESS My body is my temple. No. 

00:04:30OFF CAMERA Have you been taking any prescription medications? 

00:04:35JESS Yes I did. I was. 

00:04:40OFF CAMERA So you stopped taking your medications? 

00:04:45JESS Yes I stopped taking my medications. The medications were part of the problem. But you know all about that, don’t you? 

00:04:55OFF CAMERA Jess, do you have any thoughts of hurting yourself, or hurting any other people? 

00:05:00JESS Rachel and Lizzy? I don’t think they’re in on it. Time will tell.