[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] 363 Lesson Plan Example

[Unlock Answer From @10/Pg] 363 Lesson Plan Example

 My motor skill is: Body Management

In week one you selected a motor skill.  You’ve been working on writing a lesson plan in CAP 1 and CAP 2. Use the attached documents to write a lesson plan for your selected motor skill. Your lesson plan can look differently but needs to include all the parts. 

In CAP 1 you practiced writing specific and measurable objectives. You also found California state content standards or SHAPE grade level outcomes specific to your chosen topic. Now put these into your lesson plan. 

In CAP 2 you demonstrated 2 introductory activities and 2 fitness development activities. Put one of the introductory activities and one of the fitness development activities into your lesson plan. Be sure to write a brief explanation of how each one is conducted.

The main part of your lesson is the lesson focus section. Describe what you will be specifically teaching your students in regards to the chosen motor skill. Remember to make sure you are teaching the objectives you’ve chosen for this lesson. Break down the lesson focus into small, manageable segments that will lead the students through a progression of the skill.

Create a culminating activity or game that will reinforce the skill you just taught.

Remember, this is the 4-part lesson plan. Include the introductory activity, fitness development activity, lesson focus, and game activity.

The attachment titled, “Creating Quality Lesson Plans” is an example of what your lesson plan may look like. It needs to have the parts but doesn’t have to look exactly like this. I have included another sample lesson plan as an attachment. There is also a template you may use if you’d like. Remember, it doesn’t have to look exactly like the samples or template. The lesson plan needs to include the four parts in an easy to read format.

Next week you will be recording your motor skill lesson plan.  As a friendly tip you will need 4-6 “students” for your teaching demonstration in week 8.  Begin looking for volunteers now.

The attached rubric will be used to assess this assignment.

363 lesson plan example
363 lesson plan template
Creating Quality Lesson Plans.pdf